USB box, direct storage in the injection mold


ESAM has brought to the market an innovation in its molds to give a better service and quality assurance.

From July 2018, the molds have an integrated box with a USB that allows the mold manual, where we specify the 2d and 3d plans, the maintenance manual for the same mold, injection parameters, technical data sheet of the material to be injected and steel certificates and their treatments.

The USB Flash device has a sufficient capacity of 8GB to store all the data and keep it stored up to a temperature of 85ºC. The USB box is located in the mold space blocks to guarantee that the box does not exceed the maximum mold temperature. This not only serves against dirt, but its design has been thought as a thermal insulator to bring the minimum temperature to the USB Flash device as well as its red color that allows its clear detection of memory in the injection machine.

USB box is easy to assemble and disassemble, offering secure storage as well as quick and direct access to all injection mold data.